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SA Aligners or Braces: What is best for you?

SA Aligners have become the prevailing choice for individuals seeking orthodontic treatments to align their teeth. However, braces still hold appeal for some. The decision between SA Aligners and braces is shaped by a range of factors. Keep reading to gain comprehensive insights into both SA Aligners and braces.

How Do SA Aligners Work?

SA Aligners stands as one of the most renowned brands in the realm of clear aligners. Crafted from a transparent thermoplastic material called CA pro+, this orthodontic apparatus is meticulously designed to enhance the effectiveness of your teeth-straightening journey.

As the name implies, SA Aligners offers a clear and virtually invisible treatment, making it an ideal choice for individuals desiring a straighter smile without drawing attention to traditional braces. The mechanism behind how SA Aligners works to straighten your teeth is intriguing.

Leveraging advanced technology, SA Aligners utilizes a customized approach to develop clear aligner trays tailored to fit the unique shape and size of your jaw and teeth. These trays snugly adhere to your teeth, applying precise pressure to guide them into the desired alignment. As your teeth gradually shift, the orthodontic process continues seamlessly, requiring the creation of new trays to accommodate the evolving dental structure. Typically, regular visits to the doctor are recommended every four to six weeks, contingent upon your progress.

For those exploring orthodontic treatment options, a careful analysis is essential to determine if SA Aligners perfectly with their individual case. Evaluating the effectiveness of both clear aligners and traditional braces is crucial. Delve into the advantages of SA Aligners and delve deeper into the mechanics of how traditional braces operate.

Advantages of SA Aligners

●       Comfortable

It’s an undisputed truth that SA Clear Aligners rank among the most comfortable orthodontic treatments. Forget about concerns regarding cuts or sores in your mouth caused by protruding wires and brackets, as SA Clear Aligners eliminate this discomfort. The only discomfort you may encounter is during the repositioning process of your teeth in the initial days of wearing SA aligners.

●       Discreet

In contrast to conventional braces, SA Aligners offer a more inconspicuous solution. Unless someone closely inspects, it’s nearly impossible to notice these aligners in your mouth. Consequently, it’s a widely favored option for teenagers and adults who prefer not to showcase traditional metal braces.

●       No food restrictions

Unlike traditional braces, which come with a lengthy list of restricted foods, SA Aligners present a different scenario. With SA Aligners, you can indulge in a wide variety of foods, provided you remove the aligners before eating and brush your teeth afterward.

●       Easy dental care

Maintaining oral hygiene is of utmost importance, particularly during orthodontic treatment. Brackets on traditional braces can cause staining on teeth, and as braces are not removable during treatment, cleaning this area becomes challenging. Fortunately, individuals using SA Aligners do not face this issue. They can easily remove their clear aligners, allowing for regular and straightforward brushing.

●       No in-clinic orthodontic visits

No need to visit a dentist or orthodontist in the clinic as compared to frequent visits after 21-28 days in the case of braces. Typically, you can anticipate a virtual checkup after each aligner step and every four to six weeks to assess the progress and determine the current alignment of your teeth.

Is SA Aligners right for you?

While SA Aligners outshine braces in terms of comfort and discreetness, it’s crucial to consider specific factors and assess whether you are at the appropriate stage for acquiring these clear aligners. Here are some key points to keep in mind if you are contemplating obtaining this clear orthodontic solution:

●       If you don’t have too many dental complications

SA Aligners can effectively address a majority of cases involving crooked teeth, including conditions like underbite, crowded teeth, teeth gap, crossbite, and overbite. However, it’s important to note that not every individual with these conditions is a candidate for SA Aligners treatment. Our dental expert will evaluate your specific case and recommend SA Aligners based on the severity of the issue.

SA Aligners may not be suitable for more complex cases involving severe jaw misalignment. Additionally, there are certain dental challenges that SA Aligners cannot resolve, including:

  • Severely rotated teeth
  • Gaps exceeding 6mm between teeth
  • Teeth angled at more than 45 degrees
  • Open bite
  • Extrusion of teeth
  • Moving posterior teeth
  • Severe crowding

SA Aligners excel in addressing smaller issues, such as straightening minor crooked teeth or small gaps. For moderately complex cases, metal braces or dental surgeries may be more suitable solutions.

●       If you’re a responsible person

Dental experts often suggest SA Aligners for individuals who have reached a specific age due to the heightened need for careful maintenance of the aligner trays. Commitment to proper care throughout the entire treatment is crucial. Furthermore, as SA Aligners trays are removable, it’s essential to ensure that all-day SA aligners are worn for a minimum of 20-22 hours each day and at night, SA aligners continuously for 10 hours starting 2 hours before sleep to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

●       If you have all of your adult teeth

Predicting the outcome of a child’s adult teeth is challenging. Consequently, many orthodontists, including those recommending SA Aligners, prefer treating only adult teeth. The prerequisite for starting the treatment is having all of your adult teeth in place.

●       If you have a busy life

Traditional braces necessitate regular orthodontic check-ups and cleaning to prevent infections or decay in your teeth and gums. In contrast, managing your everyday life becomes more convenient with SA Aligners. It adheres to a straightforward and speedy care routine, requiring cleanings only twice a year. Additionally, orthodontist visits are needed just once every six weeks to monitor your progress.

Taking care of your aligner trays involves soaking them in water and brushing with a normal brush to remove any debris, with no other explicit steps to follow. It’s also recommended to brush your teeth more frequently, ideally after every meal. The notable advantage of SA Aligners treatment is the ability to maintain your regular dietary choices throughout the process.

How Do Braces Work?

Opting for braces is an alternative method to achieve teeth straightening. They operate by applying pressure to your jaws and teeth, compelling them to shift their positions. This transformative process brings about lasting improvements to your smile.

Braces are particularly effective in addressing more severe dental issues that may be beyond the capabilities of SA Aligners. They consist of archwires that work in conjunction with brackets affixed to the teeth. Soft tissues surrounding your teeth and bone play a crucial role in maintaining tooth positions, capable of compressing or stretching as your teeth move. The continuous pressure applied by braces to correct the alignment of crooked teeth results in the compression of soft tissues, allowing new bone formation to bridge any gaps.

Advantages of Braces

●       Corrects complex dental problems

Braces serve as excellent orthodontic devices capable of addressing both straightforward and intricate dental issues. Their effectiveness is enhanced by being attached to each tooth, resulting in quicker and more impactful correction of your teeth. Distalization of molars, nance buttons and mini-implants are all possible with fixed orthodontics.

●       No need to remove them

You are relieved from the task of remembering to take them off before consuming food or beverages other than water. There’s no need to concern yourself with meeting the 20-hour wearing requirement. Additionally, braces are resistant to heat and staining, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beverages without worrying about altering their shape or causing discoloration.

●       Various options

In addition to the widely known metal braces, you have the opportunity to choose from a range of alternatives, including ceramic braces that are less conspicuous than their traditional counterparts. If the prospect of visible metal braces doesn’t appeal to you, lingual braces offer an alternative. These braces are affixed behind your teeth rather than in the front.

Are braces right for you?

Certain significant dental issues necessitate the intervention of braces for effective correction. Additionally, there are specific considerations you should bear in mind to determine whether braces are the suitable orthodontic treatment for your dental concerns.

You don’t need to constantly worry about them

As braces are affixed to your teeth throughout the entire treatment duration, they consistently work on shifting them, enhancing their effectiveness. Unlike SA Aligners, you cannot remove braces, allowing them to achieve more pronounced results.. The absence of a need to monitor the hours braces are worn provides a worry-free experience, eliminating the risk of accidentally sleeping without them.

You have severe dental problems

SA Aligners are not suitable for treating severe crowding or impacted teeth. Such dental issues require the intervention of braces, as the brackets can exert substantial pressure through the braces wire, proving more effective in shifting and realigning your teeth.

What’s best for you?

In the present day, advanced technology offers multiple options for straightening your teeth, with braces and SA Aligners emerging as two popular and effective choices. The decision on which to choose ultimately hinges on your specific dental needs.

At SA Aligners, you will get personalized suggestions based on our accurate assessment. So, if you are confused between braces and removable clear aligners, an appointment with us can help you make a better dental choice. For a free session with the expert call (315) 526 1915 or visit!


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