Clear Aligners Guide

The DIY Approach to Straighten Your Teeth at Home


Opt for a straighter smile without the hassle of frequent orthodontist visits by choosing clear aligners. Bid farewell to routine appointments and take charge of your orthodontic journey from the comfort of your home. Unlike traditional braces requiring adjustments, clear aligners empower you to navigate the teeth-straightening process independently. Curious about the mechanics of straightening your teeth at home?

Let’s delve into the details!

How to Get Started?

The initial stride on the clear aligner journey involves a simple click to acquire an impression kit. Typically priced at a maximum of $50, these home impression kits encompass all the essential components for creating teeth moulds, eliminating the necessity of a visit to your nearest orthodontist.

Once the home impression kit is delivered, utilize the putty and trays to create a mould of your teeth, and with a few snapshots, you’re set. Return the impression kit and await confirmation of a successful process.

Alternatively, if impression kits aren’t your preference, you can opt for providers with physical clinics. A visit to one of these clinics for a 3D scan can serve as the foundation for crafting your clear aligners. Importantly, undergoing a scan doesn’t entail regular clinic visits, allowing you to continue your treatment conveniently from home. Not all providers have physical clinics, and availability may vary by state, so check your chosen provider’s website for details. While scans are often complimentary, some providers may charge for the appointment.

In the event of any mishaps with an impression kit, a second attempt may be necessary, incurring additional costs. Fortunately, many providers offer refunds if you succeed on your second try. To minimize expenses, carefully follow the instructions before initiating the process.

Checking Suitability

Most individuals can benefit from clear aligner treatment to achieve straighter teeth, but there are cases where some may not be approved for the treatment. Rejection may occur if the dental issues are beyond what clear aligners can address for instance severe overjet, open bite or issues that require extraction or surgery.

However, in many instances, the reasons for rejection are manageable. Common issues include cavities or gum disease, which can be resolved by visiting a dentist. Occasionally, it might be advisable to have wisdom teeth removed before commencing clear aligner treatment if it is in the eruption phase and mesially or horizontally impacted.

Upon submitting impressions or undergoing a 3D scan, your case will be thoroughly assessed by professionals to ensure your eligibility for treatment. If, for any reason, you are deemed ineligible for clear aligner treatment, you typically receive a full refund for the impression kit costs. Some individuals may express concerns about the safety of at-home treatments compared to traditional dental visits.

As long as you adhere to the treatment instructions, there is no cause for worry. Providers will only initiate the treatment if they are confident in your candidacy, ensuring a secure path to achieving straighter teeth.

Aligner Shipping and Treatment Progression

Your aligners will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep in preparation for your treatment. Typically, it takes approximately a month to receive the initial set of aligner trays after being approved for a treatment plan. In some cases, aligner providers may dispatch all sets together in a single shipment. It’s crucial to keep the trays safe, as lost or damaged ones can incur replacement costs. Refer to your treatment plan or check for in-app notifications to determine when you should transition to the next set.

Aligners work by gradually moving your teeth in small increments. After each set has accomplished its movement, you switch to a new set to continue the progression. The majority of aligner trays are designed to be worn for two weeks before advancing to the subsequent set.

Not all clear aligner providers deliver all sets at once; some opt for a staggered approach, providing deliveries every two weeks, allowing you to switch as soon as you receive them. If you have a preference regarding aligner shipping, it’s advisable to choose a provider that aligns with your preferred approach.

Checking In

You’re not navigating this journey alone. Aligner providers prioritize your safety and aim to ensure you maintain a healthy smile throughout the treatment process. Regular check-ins are a key aspect of this care. While physical clinic visits are not necessary, you may be requested to submit a few photos along with a few assessment queries. These images can be uploaded securely through your provider’s app or website. Professionals overseeing your treatment review the images to ensure everything is progressing as planned. If any concerns arise, adjustments to your treatment plan may be suggested. In cases where there are indications of deteriorating dental health, a temporary pause in treatment might be advised.

Regular check-ins are not just essential for your overall health but also critical for the success of your treatment. It is through these check-ins that providers can monitor your progress and offer necessary support. Most providers offer guarantees for treatment outcomes, but adherence to the treatment plan is typically required to avail of additional support. By consistently checking in as requested, you demonstrate your commitment to following the prescribed treatment plan.

Getting Support

If you have inquiries regarding your treatment, assistance is readily available. A simple phone call or a brief email is all it takes to connect with the support team. Online customer support is efficient and provides prompt answers to any questions you may have about your clear aligner treatment.

For those whose aligner providers have physical clinics, an in-person visit is an option. This allows you to have your aligners checked if you’re concerned about the fit or to seek clarification on the progress of your treatment. It’s important to maintain your regular dental appointments during the teeth straightening process at home, as your dentist remains a valuable source of support. Additionally, specific questions related to aligners are addressed by a professional team dedicated to ensuring the success of your treatment.

Final Words

SA Aligners is one of the most reliable clear aligner providers across the USA. The SA Aligners, situated in Washington Ave, Albany, NY, offers its leading solution to anyone who is seeking a straightened smile without dealing with the hassles associated with metallic braces.

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